Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Importance of a Neon Open Sign or LED Open Sign.

Neon Signs or LED signs are an incredible way to attract people into your business. A neon open sign or led open sign flashing at your storefront is an affordable, effective way to drive the traffic to your business. When you are considering an easy way to kick off your marketing campaign make the purchase of a neon open sign or led open sign number one on your list.

Imagine customers cruising down the street and seeing a coffee shop that is open late, the urge for an espresso overcomes them and they pull in for a quick cup. How about the salon that is new on the corner and the customer that didn’t notice them before but needs a trim? These are just a few great examples of why a neon open sign or led open sign is an essential piece of marketing for your business. You want customers to see that you’re there and ready to take their money and these types of signs are just the right way to produce the results you are looking for.

Neon open signs and led open signs come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes from the traditional blue and red oval to a custom creation that is truly your own. These signs are affordable and long lasting and well worth the investment. Be sure to add this brilliant, eye catching piece of marketing to your storefront and watch the customers multiply.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Check out our friends at Modern Wall Clocks!

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Turning your ideas into a great Custom Sign!

It is very simple to take your custom idea and make it into a great Neon or LED sign. 
Just take a logo for your business or a simple idea and a Designer can recreate your logo or idea in Neon or LED.  It's just that simple!
Just about anything can be transformed into a calling card to let your Customers know just who you are and what you do.  And most importantly, that you are there to take care of their business needs or personal wants.  That puts money in your pocket!

Now share your ideas!

Sign Design

Finished Neon Sign

Sign Design

Finished LED Sign
  If you can imagine it, We can create it!
Let All In help you create your own Custom Creation!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Brighten Up Your Home Bar or Game Room

Neon signs add a very cool and unmistakable glow to any home bar or game room. Lots of home bars have the pool table, the dart board, or arcade games, but the thing that sets a room apart is a great looking cool neon sign.

Neon signs are filled with a neon gas which comes to life in a variety of colors when plugged in. Your room will be instantly filled with an array of bright vibrant colors from the light. You can tell your guests about your favorite team or your favorite drink. You can welcome your guests to the Tiki Bar or let them know where to find the billiards. Your sign can even be of a picture or a saying of your choice, there are companies that will produce custom neon signs created just for your home bar or game room.

Imagine having a neon clock on the wall. Everyone knows bar time, but your bar time could be shown in the glow of your favorite car, beer, team or movie star. The options are endless. It could be as simple as a store motto on the wall or a full color sculpture. No matter what you like make it stand out to everyone! The first thing they would see walking into the room is the classic glow coming from the neon clock.

Neon signs were very expensive when they were first on the market, but today they have become much more affordable. They were also originally used by businesses to attract the eyes of customers to their store, as they are still used today, but the affordable price tag makes hanging one in your home bar or game room possible. These cool neon signs have come a long way, but the basics are still there. Everyone enjoys the feel that a cool neon sign gives a room. They give off an energy that is unmistakably fun and will be the topic of conversation for everyone that is in the room.

No matter what the sign is neon makes it stand out. Do you have a classic sign that means a lot to you? Have you ever considered having it embellished with neon? That is possible today with custom neon signs. A neon bender can take your keepsake and make it into the pride and joy of your home bar or game room. You would add special lighting to your home bar or game room anyway, why not make it the classic glow of a cool neon sign.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Take a look at this cool video on How Neon Is Made!

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Just How Does That Neon Sign Work!

The word neon was coined from the Greek "neos", which means new gas. The inert gas Neon which gives the neon sign its distinct color and brightness was discovered in 1898 by Scottish chemist William Ramsay and the English scientist Morris Travers. It occurs naturally in the atmosphere, albeit in minute quantities.

The Geissler tube was the forerunner of modern-day neon light. Although this tube was not intended for commercial use it actually made it possible for scientists to study electrical glow discharge. It was this concept that was used by both Nikolas Tesla’s neon lamp and George Claude’s neon sign. The neon sign that George Claude did was similar to the neon sign that we know today. He allowed a small amount of current to pass through a combination of inert gases to produce vibrant lights in various colors. He also found out that the glass tubing holding the inert gases can be twisted into various positions.

The forerunner of modern-day neon bar signs that George Claude made were first introduced to the public in 1910 during the Paris Exposition. The first major company that saw potential to this innovation was the Packard Motor Company who signed up for more than a thousand dollars’ worth of neon signs.

The year 1923 saw the crossing of the neon signs from Europe to America. However, it was during the 1950’s that the neon signs reached its pinnacle of popularity with places like Times Square and Las Vegas making use of it in every possible way. Beer pubs, clubs and casinos made use of neon signs to advertise their products as well as to catch the attention of customers.

What started as a simple way to study electrical glow discharge has grown into an important part of our business community. So the next time you pass by a business with that familiar glow in the window, keep in mind that you are staring at something that has long been part of man’s history.

You can take a look at cool neon designs for your business and home at

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